long time

It’s been awhile, huh?  I’m not even going to start posting what has been going on here since the last time I posted, which was February 16th.  Wow, that’s pathetic!  It’s been over HALF OF A YEAR since I’ve done this.  Shame on me.  I said it before, but I really am going to try to stay up to date with this thing!  Not just for you, but for me and the girls 🙂  So without further ado, a quick recap.

Sophia.  She is THREE years old now and crazy as ever.  She is in preschool at Holy Covenant Child Development Center (Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesdays from 9a-2:15p) and LOVES it.  I mean, she LOVES it.  She has 2 kids from her class last year so it was good that she had some familiar faces.  Not that she needed it, the first day she hugged me and with no hesitation waved good bye to me and Ella.  She loves her class and loves her teacher.  Her class is the Brown Bears.  They also have 2 class pets – hermit crabs – which she loves.  Her favorite thing to do at school?  PAINT.  She could paint all day, everyday I think.  Every day on her report it says she painted.  She can paint all she wants at school, it’s too messy to do that everyday at home 🙂    Her favorite thing to do at home right now is puzzles.  She LOVES them and could do them all day too.  I just recently ordered her a few more so she doesn’t have to do the same Dora one over and over.  They are the 24 piece puzzles, and she can do them all by herself.   She is getting to be such a big girl though, potty trained since probably around March!  Very proud of her.  She is such a smart little one, crazy at the same time, and I wouldn’t change a thing about her! 

Here is a picture of her last time that I posted (February):

And here she is now:

She has done a little growing up since then 🙂 

Speaking of growing up, that takes me to Miss Ella.  She was only eight months last time I posted.  She is now almost SIXTEEN months right now.  She is something else, that’s for sure.  One thing hasn’t changed, she still doesn’t have much hair 🙂  I am hoping that eventually she will get some, but for now, no way.  She has six teeth now and working on some other ones.  She is AMAZING.  She definitely makes me smile every single day.  She is so much like Sophia used to be at this age, but yet so different too.  She is MUCH MORE on the go, into everything.  Every cabinet, drawer, closet, you name it.  I don’t remember Phia being like that as much as Ella is.  She is a very fast crawler and still being lazy and won’t walk for me.  Although today we got about 7 steps on video so maybe it won’t be before too long she starts walking finally!!  She can definitely get wherever she wants though and into whatever she wants.  Her favorite things are her elephants (all 3 of them) and today she got a brand new baby doll from Grandma which I have a feeling she will take everywhere.  We might have to buy her a back up of this one too 🙂  The gym daycare has the same little doll and everytime I would go in there to pick her up she would have this doll and I’d have to pry it out of her hands when I picked her up.  I told Mom about it and she got one for her and she opened the gift today and was very excited.  She loves to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, Fresh Beat Band, and now Cat In The Hat. 

Here is a picture of Ella last time I posted on here:

And here she is now:

My little Bug, she sure is amazing!!

And Miss Logan!  She is in FOURTH grade back in Indy and I can’t believe she is growing up so fast.  We see her as often as we can and she loves to fly here and see us and the girls.  She has even flown a couple of times by herself and she loves it!  She loves dancing and listening to music and of course spending time with her sisters 🙂

Here is Logan back in March when she came to visit:

And here she is this past month:

So as you can see a lot has changed since last time!  Brian and I are living in a new house which we love.  It’s a lot more out “in the country” which we love.  LOVE the house and love the area.  The girls have more room to roam and we can now give Logan her own room when she comes to visit, or whoever else may be here. 

Again, I can’t catch up on everything but I will try and update more often and stay on top of things.  I will leave you with a picture I took this past June of all of the girls.  It is my absolute fave of the 3 of them and will eventually be a big canvas in our house!!


One Response to “long time”

  1. logan Says:

    i know, all of us three girls have grown up. Sophia is 4 and is going into preshool. soooooo excted. ella is 2 and nothing is coming into her life yet but soon before you know it she will be in school. Finally i am going into 6th grade. wow i am so excited and nervous for what is in my path but i know that i can do it.

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